About Us 

PV Arts & Crafts has one of the most diverse inventories of any store in Florida.  We stock many lines of oil, watercolor and acrylic paints as well as items ranging from drafting supplies, crafting goods, print making materials and a fine array of decorative papers.  The search is always on for new and interesting materials with a focus on quality.  

The first reason PV Arts & Crafts exists is that everyone here loves art and creating.   The second is that everyone coming to PVA&C wants to accomplish something that they, too, find interesting.  People come to PVA&C  curious, happy, and most of the time on a mission....you can't say that about most other retail experiences.  

One of the most amazing things about PV Arts & Crafts are the stories shared.  What kind of art people are creating, where they learned their techniques and where they are showing and sharing their work.  We welcome  everyone that walks through the door....the beginner, the professional and the non-artist.  There is always a lot of problem solving:  Emergencies, last-minute projects, things that need gluing and school science projects....you name it!    Bring in a challenge and we will accept it with wide eyes and open ears.  

People ask a lot of interesting questions.  We found out early on that people ask for what they think they need, but sometimes they are just trying to work out a solution.  By working with customers one-on-one or brainstorming with a team,  we can find the right materials for almost any project.  We take great joy in being part of the creative process and even if we cannot fully help , we can usually point a customer to a source that will help them succeed.