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Korean Smiling Tiger Blank Paperback Journal: Blank Notebook with Pocket

  • PAPERBACK A5-Sized Journal: Standard A5 size (5.75 x 8.25 inches) allows for easily transporting in a handbag, backpack or tote.

  • 144 BLANK PAGES: Perfect for drawing, taking notes or writing daily journal entries.

  • INNER BACK POCKET: This paperback journal has a back pocket to offer a safe place to keep receipts, treasured notes or mementos.

  • ACID-FREE PAPER: More difficult to decompose than regular paper and has a longer shelf-life. It is commonly used when someone wants to archive notes, daily journal entries or sketches for several years without the pages deteriorating or yellowing.

  • FEATURED ART: In many traditional Minhwa (folk art paintings based on a popular folktale) the tiger symbolizes aristocratic authority and is given a somewhat silly appearance, while the dignified magpie in the pine tree symbolizes the common man. These paintings are therefore intended to be satirical in nature. They also symbolize the expulsion of bad spirits and are often hung up in the home during the Korean New Year festivities.